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Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel

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Memorial Eulogy by Charles Taylor

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Memorial Fund:
APCO has established a memorial fund in honor Jack Daniel. If you are interested in remembering Jack through a memorial gift, please send your check to: APCO International, Accounting Department, 351 North Williamson Boulevard, Daytona Beach, FL 32114-1112. APCO Web Article

Scholarship Fund:
The APCO Silent Key Scholarship Program was initiated as a means of remembering and honoring individuals who have participated in APCO, contributed to APCO, and meant a great deal to APCO members. Ironically, Jack Daniel is credited with having championed this scholarship program. If you would like to make a contribution in honor of Jack, please send a check made payable “APCO Int’l – Scholarship Fund” to: Mrs. Doreen Geary APCO Int’l – Scholarship Fund, 351 N. Williamson Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114-1112. Please put on the check "In honor of Jack Daniel" APCO Web Article

Brief Biography

It was with great sadness that members of CPRA learned of the passing of Jack Daniel on March 2, 2012. Only two weeks earlier, Jack had attended a regular meeting of the Chapter, where he notified the Board of his intent to step down as the chairman of the CAC, but continue his support of Chapter activities. It is very difficult to imagine a function without Jack’s presence. His passing is a major loss in the Telecommunication Industry and the Public Safety Community.

Jack was born in Texas in 1936 and he attended school and worked in the Corpus Christi area. He had more than 50 years experience in land mobile wireless communications, ranging from field tech rep to corporate management. Jack was the Western area distributor for Bird Technologies with sales areas including California, Arizona, Nevada and the Bay area, and he was very successful at moving its product lines. While working in this capacity, he noted that Chapters in these areas were without a CAC and he volunteered to step into that role, resulting in his membership in multiple Chapters.

Jack was a member of many organizations including NFPA, ICC, IACP, and the IAFC. He was a fellow of the Radio Club of America, a Senior and Life Member of APCO, and a longstanding commercial supporter of APCO International from the CPRA Chapter. Jack was one of our most visible members since getting involved many years ago, and was one of the very few Commercial members to become a Life Member.

The changing technology greatly affected Jacks’ life. With the advent of 800 MHz trunking, cell phones, simulcast, broadband networks and a few other things, system requirements changed. Everyone wanted to talk inside of buildings, tunnels, jails, and numerous other places. This gave rise to a host of products including the bi-directional amplifier or BDA, for in-building communication systems. As reports of system problems continued to rise, Jack was quick to learn that some BDAs caused many more problems than they solved. He began an almost one man effort to resolve this problem, and worked very hard at all levels to develop standards for these devices. Jack received a patent for a piece of equipment he designed during this time period.

He was an expert on National Fire Protection Association and International Fire Code in-building communications codes for first responders. He worked diligently with the NFPA to develop and publish nationwide standards for the engineering and implementation of these devices. Thanks to Jack, these standards have been ratified and are now in place nationwide, an accomplishment that is a lasting legacy to his skill and determination to do things right.

Over the past 15 years, his company had become known nationwide as a leading authority in advanced in-building and underground radio communications system designs and products for public safety and industry, including the use of fiber-optic cables for RF signal distribution and software augmented signal boosters. He was a speaker at numerous APCO International Annual Conferences, as well as IWCE and other national level conferences on RF distribution of cellular, private radio and public safety wireless signals. He was the author of multiple articles in trade publications.

One of his greatest achievements, and one he was most proud of, was helping establish the APCO Scholarship Fund. This fund assists APCO members in furthering their education in Public Safety. He contributed heavily to this effort with both time and money, and he relentlessly encouraged other commercial organizations to contribute to the fund, leading to considerable account expansion.

Jack was a professional and gentleman, admired by his peers for his humor and quick wit. Lowering his glasses and stating, “I may be wrong, but...,” has become legendary. He brought energy and enthusiasm to any room he entered, and his presence in a meeting was always felt. With his sense of humor, yet professionalism he got things done and turned ideas into reality. He worked tirelessly, whether finding sponsors for events, putting together dispatcher awards banquets, finding presenters for monthly meetings, or designing Chapter pins; he always went beyond the call of duty.

Jack was a family man, and his lovely wife Pat was always at his side. On many occasions Jack would be seen winking at his life partner from across the room. They have two grown children: Chris, who lives in Plano, Texas a Senior Technical Specialist for the Frito Lay Research and Development Company, and their daughter, Michaeleen, who is a member of the Tempe, Arizona, Police Department.