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Senior Advisor (Executive Director) - SVRIA (County of Santa Clara)
Communications Operator - SBRPCA (Hawthorne)
Electronics Communications Technician - LA County Public Works
Police Support Services Manager - City of Milpitas
LMR Technologist/Engineer - Televate
Police Dispatcher II - City of Brentwood
Police Dispatcher II (Per Diem) - City of Brentwood
Police Dispatcher (Part-time) - West-Comm JPA
Police Dispatcher II - City of Citrus Heights
Sheriff's Comm Dispatcher II - San Bernardino County
Sheriff's Comm Dispatcher II Trainee - San Bernardino County
Sheriff's 911 Comm Officer - Riverside Sheriff's Dept.
Public Safety Dispatcher - California Highway Patrol (statewide)
Police Service Representative - Los Angeles Police Dept.
Police Communications Dispatch Manager - Huntington Beach Police Department
Police Service Representative - City of Los Angeles
Telecom Network Specialist II/III Wireless - Ventura County
Emergency Dispatcher II (lateral) - City of Rialto
Information Systems Manager - San Joaquin County
Telecomm. Technician - State of Calif.
Senior Telecomm. Tech. - State of Calif.
Police Dispatcher I - City of Indio

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